Starpulse Publishes List of “Top 10 Unnecessarily Long Songs”

Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick - SchadenfreudeI’m gonna hop on Sandy’s DotD from Tuesday here with a corollary – some songs are too long. Starpulse – yet another site about something – put together a pretty good list of songs that, in their opinion, or poll, or random web question, are long. Too damned long. They went so far as to put in YouTube clips of the groups performing their overly-long songs. To sum up – here they are:

10. Gordon Lightfoot, Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (1976) Running Tme: 6:28

9. Charlie Daniels Band, Devil Went Down to Georgia (1979) Running Time: 3:37

8. Golden Earring, The Twilight Zone (1982) Running Time: 7:58

7. Don McLean, American Pie (1971) Running Time: 8:38

6. Yes, The Revealing Science of God (1974) Running Time: 20:23

5. Emerson Lake & Palmer, Tarkus Medley (1971) Running Time: 20:40

4. The Allman Brothers Band, Mountain Jam (1971) Running Time: 33:41

3. Pink Floyd, Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast: Rise and Shine/Sunny (1970) Running Time: 13:01

2. Iron Butterfly, In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (1968) Running Time: 17:05

1. Jethro Tull, Thick as a Brick (1972) Running Time: 43: 40

I’m not a “music maven” – I’ve HEARD of all these bands. But know these songs?? I think this list is relevant if your 45+. Let’s get to the gritty. Let’s make our own list of Unnecessarily Long Songs for Generation…. Right Now. First on my list – “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant.” Seriously. Waaaayyyy too long. Also – any live recordings of Phish. Anybody got anything else? (I will do Sandy a solid, and not even mention Rush.)