Theater shows that are just too darn long

eggtimer450.jpgCut ten minutes! I have a theory that any stage show can lose ten minutes. No specific shows to mention lately, but shows are getting longer! Why is that? Cut ’em down guys! Aside from the fact that no comedy show should ever have an intermission, non-comedic endeavors on stage can — nearly every one of them — lose ten minutes somewhere. The only show that can’t lose ten minutes is Too Much Light, and that’s only because the NeoFuturists were wise enough to give audiences a known endpoint. We tend to enjoy events with fixed endpoints of time. And Shakespeare is fine — some shows are grandfathered in to the “settle in and bring a sandwich” category. But blackbox shows sneaking-in an extra 45 create a frustrating collective shifting of the audience’s butts — same with improv shows that go too long. Everyone can feel when a show should end. If you’re not sure if you’re going too long, you’re going too long. Hit the Show Cuttery and crop it up.