Funny (not so much) Sicko Moment

sicko-poster-425.jpgThis weekend, I watched Sicko. It was a great movie and it really pisses me off that our country is so broken. I’m pissed off enough to start a movement. But instead of marching or getting violent, I’m just going to dance. Get it, movement? Like a dance-a-thon all the way til election time. So while watching the movie, lil’ Miles got up. He wasn’t doing so well. He had a fever. I got his temperature and consulted my baby book about what to do. It said “call service provider and give baby medicine”. So I call our service provider. After realizing service provider didn’t mean AT&T, I hung up and called the doctor. To get the doctor to call us back? 25 bucks. Just to have the doctor call back and say go ahead and give them baby medicine. This while we are watching a movie about how the health care system is broken. I am going to “Michael Moore” my pediatrician. Stand outside and demand to talk to the doctor. My dad once removed a tumor from the back of our old dog. It all makes sense now. He didn’t want to get charged for a call.