Knight Rider returns this Sunday!

10102711aknight-rider-post.jpgAs you may know, NBC is attempting another entry in the “reimagination” series of shows and movies, by far the most awesomest of which is Battlestar and the most shitty of which is Fantastic Four. That said (and having only seen the pilot of the Terminator TV show — it’s just OKAY) I’m pretty psyched to give the Knight Generation 2 a fair shake. John Marshall will flip out when he learns that the new KITT is a Mustang Cobra. Trivia: Will “GOB” Arnett was originally slated to be the voice of KITT, and Bruce “That information is given on a need to know basis and at this point in time you do not need to know” Davison is KITT’s kidnapped inventor. Nice. I auditioned for the role of the new Michael Knight, but they said they needed my energy in the audience.