Douche of the Day: Changing the subject

shirtsquare-ddt.jpgNothing is that simple, except the plot of No Country For Old Men, but once again we saw the simplification of the issues in congress this week. I’m sure you all knew this, but the Republicans walked out of Congress over Democrats holding a contempt vote over former Supreme Court Nominee Harriet Meiers and Chief of Staff Josh Bolten for refusing to appear before the House. I’m sure a lot of people reading this have been subpoena-ed to their local court, but were SO incredibly not guilty that they were allowed to skip court all together, we’ve all done that, right? Well that wouldn’t stand for the power-hungry partisan witchhunting Democrats, who then tried to make them ACTUALLY come in and say under oath just HOW not guilty they were. I mean are we really supposed to believe that the Republicans would do ANYTHING, even break laws, to hold onto power? So they don’t show up on their court date, which I guess you can do, just shows you the 200 years of this country has basically cruised on people deciding to not be an asshole about it. What’re they going to do, hold a contempt vote? I guess they didn’t show up because the evidence of how not guilty they are is in 5 million emails that were lost during the dates in question. Does anyone out their think that only a liberal would find that suspicious? So they hold a contempt vote and that was it, the Republicans walked out. And why? 

“We will not stand for this, and we will not stay for this. And I would ask my House Republican colleagues and those who believe we should be protecting the American people, to not vote on this bill. Let’s just get up and leave…the number one objective as members of Congress is to protect the American people and if the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act were to expire, Americans would be at risk.” -John Boner (R, Kindergarten) 

Oh, that’s why nobody needs to explain the firing of the…attorneys. Oh, okay, didn’t know all of America would blow up, my apologies. It has got to take a very high sense of yourself to think that everything you do protects all American people, and an even higher sense of yourself to think that, despite being so consistently wrong.  Because there was absolutely no way to surveil terrorists before Bush was in office, is that what I’m supposed to believe? That these guys are the smartest guys? Then again, I’m a liberal, just like Jesus.