Indy IV Trailer! (Updated with Better Trailer!)

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal SkullDon’t ask where I got it – I don’t even know the whole story. All I know is that it involves the whole “Crate Warehouse”, Cate Blanchett dressed as some sort of Russian Dominatrix, and aliens. Yes. Aliens. Area 51 to be exact. Watch, and make your comments. Is this going to live up to what we all want it to? Does Harrison Ford look like he belongs back in the hat? Can we live without Sallah/Marcus Brody? Is anyone besides me, Sandy and Adam excited about this?! Hit the Jump for Awesomeness.

[flv:IndyIV2.flv 475 281]

(Be sure to clear your cache if you already watched it once. This one IS NOT from a cellphone video camera in a movie theatre – this is glorious. Worth a second, third and nineteenth watch!)