Hillary Clinton, Keith Olbermann and Reactionary Politics

For those of you who need to get caught up, it’s OK. Personally, I wouldn’t waste anytime with this frivolous piece of political bullshit if it weren’t everywhere I turn. We’ll start near the end, with this piece from Keith Olbermann, in which he profusely apologizes to the Clintons, and the Clinton campaign – he sets it up well, so I’ll let him take it from here:[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQW_7aFJ8YU[/youtube]

So, why all the drama? Because Shuster used the common phrase, “pimped her out.” There’s something called, “Context” – hey newscasters, and politicians, try using it. When discussing the use of Chelsea, be sure to point out that the Clinton’s went to extreme measures during Bill’s presidency and the first part of Hillary’s campaign to keep her “out of the spotlight”. Now, now that the campaign is in trouble, Hillary trouts out the youngest, in order to woo Super Delegates. That’s pimping. That’s mom sitting down with Chelsea and saying, “Now honey, do you love your mom? Do you want her to be happy? Do you want her to have a job? Do you like that Lexus convertible your driving? Then why don’t you go out with these nice Super Delegates, and tell them how great mommy is.” On top of that, Hillary’s reaction was to say she didn’t appreciate it and that we can say whatever we want about her, but not her family. Really? If I’m not mistaken, YOU’RE the one who brought her into the arena. No one would have said anything had it not been for your pimping. AND THEN – for MSNBC to suspend Shuster, and have Keith “Please Respect Me as a Journalist” Olbermann scream this “apology” at the top of his lungs…. C’MON everyone.
All of you are douches. All of you. And yes, Hillary, you are pimping your daughter out. Now what are you going to do? You gonna sick your goons on me for saying so? Bring it on. If you’re not going to like when one person says it, you shouldn’t like it when ANYONE says it.