Hey Yo! New Feature on Schad.net!

We’re always trying to make life more fun for you here at Schad.net. This weekend, we went into the labs, poked the monkeys, and got them banging on the keyboards. About 19 hours later, they came up with “Avatars” on post comments!

What does this mean for you? Well, not only do you get to make witty comments, but you get to have your picture there with your words! Find out how by clicking through – we’ll go through it step-by-step…

Ok – so you made it this far. Either Sign-In or Create your account (that’s Step 1).


picture-2.jpgSee the “Your Avatar” link? Click it.

picture-3.jpg See that “Browse” button? Go ahead. Click it. You know you want to. Browse on your computer to the image you want (keep in mind, it should be SQUARE) – Select it, and upload it. Then…

picture-4.jpgThe computer tells you when it’s been uploaded and shows you a preview!

Now – just go out and comment with your new identity!!