I Watched the Grammys So You Didn’t Have To

grammy.JPGGod, what a crappy show. And I watched it why? Cause Julie didn’t want to watch Sicko. Hey Grammys, don’t make it so obvious who’s going to win. The fun is that we might not know so when you have the winners always perform before they win, it really sucks to watch.


So Amy Winehouse went to rehab and is still acting like a coked out freak. Hey, looked like it worked. Also, am I the only one who smells a rat? She didn’t want to go to the Grammys so she worked it that she could do it at home with her set and the whole shebang. She wins, grammys lose. The Grammys sucked off the teet last night.

Memo to CBS: stop with the bullshit ads for Jericho that say “viewers wanted it back”. Everyone knows there is a writers strike and you have nothing else to run. Just say that – we’ll have so much more respect for you, liars.

Memo to newswriter at WGN: Don’t say “coming up: why writers might be trading in picket signs for typewriters”. No writer uses typewriters anymore. And don’t bury the story that the writers strike may be over at 9:40pm of the 9pm newscast.

I love that white singer Beyonce. She’s great. God, can someone tell her we loved her nose the way it was?

Another memo to CBS: Please o god please, stop parading your stars out on the stage. NCIS and Without a Trace secondary stars make me not want to watch CBS ever again.

Can I say that I missed Christina Aguilera? You always hope that a butt cheek might come loose.

Tina Turner turns 70 next year. Didn’t it seem like she was going to break a hip during her song? And what publicist let Aretha Franklin wear a bed sheet to the Grammys?

I won’t say anything about Kanye. We want him to be in a movie we wrote. So he’s awesome.