What time is it? Oh, it’s a quarter after whenever-I-feel-like-it: Time for Short-Haired Chick Friday

diablo1.jpgIt’s probably been a year since I’ve done one of these, though I still get a lot of compliments on the original series. I’m not going to make a habit out of it, but when I find myself doing more than fifteen minutes of Altavista-searching (thanks Sandy!) a short-haired celebrity, then I might as well start right-clicking and posting. But of course, I’d like to thank WordPress for making it something other that IMPOSSIBLE to insert over 1 picture in a blog.

So. I haven’t seen Juno, from what I’ve heard sixteen-year-olds love it because finally the long-overlooked character of the smart-ass youth has been brought to the screen. Kids love her, adults…haven’t seen the movie because they couldn’t get a sitter. So I’m listening to the best Podcast out there, Creative Screenwriting’s Podcast, (so good, so so so good). And they have an interview with Diablo Cody, the fake name for the writer of Juno. My first thought – “what’s this bullshit name?” But once I started listening to this woman talk, I was a little smitten. She has a forceful personality, a confident, independent woman, which it’s what’s usually so great about short-haired chicks. So I look up Diablo, and sure enough, she’s my type of girl.

diablo2.jpgTurns out her real name is Brooke Busey-Hunt…so yeah, Diablo Cody, a little more catchy. She’s lived in Chicago and Minnesota, so she’s grounded, and she was a stripper…so there’s that.

diablo3.jpgShe started a blog while stripping, the blog was called Pussy Ranch, an agent in L.A. was looking for pussy, found the blog, called her and asked her to write a book and a screenplay and nobody’s found Schadenfreude.net and done the same because Kate keeps refusing to take it off at VIP, I don’t know how many times I’ve told her.


diablo7.jpgAnd here she is in here stripping days. She writes, too, if I’ve left that out.

I also found a picture of her topless, and I don’t know what I love more, the picture of her topless, or just the idea that you can find a picture of her topless. Anyway, cute, right? Hot, smart, indpendent. Not famous, but indie-famous, which is way hotter. A real classy Short-Haired chick, good enough to bring me out of Short-Haired sabbatical.