Time to Omit Mitt…

img_6737.jpgBreaking news yesterday had our 3-year-old political pundit, Emmett making some controversial predictions. What will a Mitt-less campaign look like? We caught up with Emmett via phone just after he brushed his teeth and moments before “story time” to hear his thoughts on the day’s events.

Schadenfreude: What do you think about Mitt Romney dropping out?
Emmett: What?
Schadenfreude: He’s not running for President anymore.
Emmett: Uh oh. I don’t think that’s good. What do you do if you don’t run for President?
Schadenfreude: Who do you think benefits more from Romney dropping out? John McCain or Mike Huckabee?
Emmett: Mike Huckabee.
Schadenfreude: Who do you think wins in a McCain vs. Huckabee contest?
Emmett: I think Barack Obama.