Douche of the Day: Apartments with no heat

613px-honeywell_thermostat.jpgMy apartment has no heat. I don’t mean the heat is out or on the fritz. I mean, there’s no heat to go “out.” Literally “No heat.” This occurred to me briefly when I moved into this apartment last February, during the “Winter.” It’s the law, you have to refer to winter in L.A. in quotation marks. Obviously most of the year, there’s no reason to look for a thermostat, but it does get cold in the winter here, and I have searched all over and can find no thermostat, register, or vent wherefore heat might come forthwith. My apartment was made with absolutely no attention paid to the idea that the occupants may need to be heated any degree higher than whatever it is outside. Yes, it’s warm here most of the year, but it is winter, and it does get cold, not Chicago-cold, but even Chicago doesn’t get as cold as Edmonton, that’s no reason to FORGO HEAT ENTIRELY! …No thermostat…nothing. That’s weird right?