PowerPoint - Schadenfreude.netThis one gets two categories. It’s a Douche of the Day because it is the new standard by which Corporate ideas can be sent around, analyzed and give people who have no artistic ability the false hope that adding a “checkerbox” transition between slides will make the sale go through. At it’s core, PowerPoint is a good idea – a universal way to share ideas. What it’s become is a bastardization of that concept. When Managers, Team Leaders, Vice Presidents and Assistant TO the Regional Managers end every meeting with, “Hey, why don’t you throw that on a slide and pass around for discussion next time, ” when discussing some vital aspect of the company that CAN’T be summed down to “a slide” – it has overstayed it’s welcome. Not all ideas CAN or SHOULD be summarized onto a single slide. What’s even worse are the ULTRA-CREATIVEs out there who put one word on a slide, and say, “How do you react?” TO WHAT? To the word, “Zeal” on a white background written in 72pt Arial that’s colored Magenta? I feel like I’m about to waste the next 60 minutes of my life that I will NEVER get back….

An addendum to PowerPoint – when people take screenshots, then paste them into Excel, and send around and say, “Why is this happening?” are perhaps even dumber than those that say, “Throw that on a slide for me.” If you’re smart enough to take the damn screenshot, you’re smart enough to just attach it to an email!