It’s an Ed Bus made out of Spam!


What’s this? You’ll have to click continue to find out. You know you’re curious. Come on… There’s cake.

Shortly after I appeared on Talkin Funny I was given a gift based on the game played in that episode. Callers were asked to find the bowl of Tasty Peas under one of three piles of Elephant Poo. If you’ve never seen Talkin’ Funny, and this description hasn’t made you realize you’re missing out, then you’re inhuman and should be hunted down with torches and pelted with rocks and garbage.

A little backstory on the episode: I had literally JUST drove into town from Christmas in Kentucky, so all the things brought up in the episode, the exchanging of the socks and decorative soaps are me employing Christmas gifts from my car. The Soaps were made by reader Leanne, who also made me a fake can of a product called “Tasty Peas” with Sasha and the Noob’s faces on it. I can’t find my picture of it, so instead  here’s a picture of Mom’s dog with a Santa hat on.

So this year I was given a Sequel gift of Tasty Meat. Just wanted to give a shout-out to Leanne and Sasha and the Noob and show the incredible detail she went to, to put a 53rd Ward Helmet on a human face made of Spam.


If Noob could talk he would say “that’s some Tasty Meat.”