white.jpgI am that guy who orders exactly the same thing at every single restaurant I ever visit and on top of that, I rarely look at menus. So what’s up, Foodies? What’s the fascination? And don’t tell me that it’s part of the great variety of the American meal, because I find great variety in eating the same thing every day. If it’s an Italian place, I’m sure they’ve got the chicken parmesan. If it’s a diner, I bet they can put together some steak and eggs. And do we really need to say that mahi mahi has been “pan seared with almond glaze and dingleberry juices”? Forgot to mention that I also like pad Thai, cashew chicken and caesar salads, and that’s about it. Oh, and cookies. Food is fuel. The day you see pan-seared crude oil with dingleberry juices on the menu, give me a call.