What Is So “Super” About Super Tuesday?

emmett-kimono.jpgOn this, the most dynamic day of the of the presidential race thus far, we check in with Emmett James, Schadenfreude’s favorite 3-year-old political pundit. Emmett took time out from out from practicing the letter “E” and drawing pictures of fire to answer a few questions.

Schadenfreude: What is Super Tuesday?
Emmett: When all the states win.
Schadenfreude: Why is it called Super Tuesday?
Emmett: Because all the states win!
(Mr. James answers with a “duh”-type attitude. Clearly he is annoyed with this simplistic line of questioning.)
Schadenfreude: What other states are voting today?
Emmett: Florida, Texas, California, Oklahoma and Chicago.
Schadenfreude: Oh, Florida is voting again?
Emmett: Yup.
Schadenfreude: What Democrat will win Illinois?
Emmett: What’s a Democrat?
Schadenfreude: What Republican will win Illinois?
Emmett: What? I don’t know. John McCain. (Again, Mr. James seems to be in a hurry.)
Schadenfreude: What is your favorite song to dance to?
Emmett: Fast Hey Ya.
(Mr. James has gone on record declaring he does not prefer the slower acoustic version of ‘Hey Ya’ that he heard on YouTube.)