This is Lenny.

lenny.jpgLenny works for the City of Chicago.

When he comes knocking, he introduces himself as “The City of Chicago.” Please let him in. He will sit down with your boss, and ask him some friendly questions. He will ask him what your company does. DO NOT use big words like, “Interactive Agency” or “Custom Software Developer.” DO use “We build websites.” Lenny understands the smaller words and concepts.

He will ask you if you applied for a “City of Chicago Business License.” DO NOT say things like, “Business license….?” or “I have one from the State of Illinois…” DO say things like, “We have filled out the paperwork, just waiting to send it in…”

He will then go on, and explain to you that you will get a ticket, and, with a smile on his face, tell you some bad jokes about his wife (You think this winter storm is bad, try coming home late to my wife. THAT’s a cold shoulder), print up a receipt – and tell you that you need to apply for a City of Chicago Business License so that you can continue to do business here. Because, “Hey, the Mayor needs his cut too, right?”

PS. That badge is from when he was a cop. He was a cop for 37 years.