Random Observations of the Local Election Landscape

grandcentral.jpgMitt Romney’s supporters are having their election night party in Chicago at Grand Central. It’s the bar that used to be Club 950, with that picture of Bryan Ferry you can see from the Red Line? What meathead crew set that up? Todd Voorhies anyone…Doesn’t Recorder of Deeds Eugene Moore kind of look like an Eddie Murphy character from Nutty Professor?…Put Your Bets in: who will break down live on-air cause their mic isn’t working? Andy Shaw, Mike Flannery or Carlos Hernandez Gomez? And bets on a live nipple slip: Diann Burns, Jackie Bange or Carlos Hernandez Gomez?…Jim Oberweis is running again, this time for congress in the 14th. Hastert has endorsed him. Then they ate 3 gallons of mint chocolate chip and strangled an illegal alien….Finally, I saw the black dude from Prison Break in Target. No election story, just kind of cool that he was in the South Loop Target.