Superbowl Eve

arizona-stadium.jpgTwas the day before the Superbowl
And all through the house
Not one single person gave a crap
Not even a mouse.

*Yawn* Superbowl. Last year, I was SUPER excited. Of course I was, the Bears had made it! This year, I don’t know who to root for. Sure, Brady has been playing amazing all season, but I hate New Englanders right now. Especially anyone from Boston. Such a freakin’ attitude. Plus, they got the Celtics. Do they need a Superbowl title? Not really. On the other hand – the Giants? I mean, c’mon. Better the Giants than the Packers – however… the Giants?

Honestly, as always, the only reason to watch the game is because:

$170.1 million worth of commercials sold by Fox: There will be 63 ads interrupting the game (or you might say the game will interrupt the 63 commercials), and for each 30-second spot, Fox will collect $2.7 million. Yikes, that’s $90,000 per second.

And you know how I love me some advertising!