Team Submarine Wants You to Do a Show!

teamsubmarine1.jpgSo they can open!!!! They are embarking on the “Party sub” campaign to get other people to do shows so they can open for them. Team Submarine is a comedy duo here in Chicago and they are doing our PBR tour (opening) in the spring. Here is a snippet from their web site:

“We’re professional openers who have opened up for some of the biggest, funniest and most famous improv and sketch groups in Chicago. And now YOU can win a chance to headline for Team Submarine. As the headlining act, you get to:

* Make fliers!
* Bring in an audience!
* Put up money for a performance space that you might not make back!
* Promote the show!
* Be held responsible if the show doesn’t go well!
* Thank us for opening!

Fill out the questionaire. Think you’ve got what it takes to Ride The Party Sub? You do. Tell us:
1. When will your show be going up?
2. Where will your show be going up?
3. Do you like to fuck?