Rent Our Office/Rehearsal Space, Loser!

office.jpgWe are trying to wife-beater approach to getting you to rent our office space. If we tell you that you suck, maybe you’ll do what we say? Is that how it works. Awful Schadenfreude, awful. We have an awesome rehearsal space in Ravenswood and we love it so much that we want to keep it. But we aren’t doing any big shows right now and the rent is high. So if you need a place to rehearse, write, practice, organize protests, be alone with your thoughts and/or masturbate (there’s a futon up there), then e-mail Kate at kate [at] schadenfreude [dot] net. But don’t masturbate. We’ll find out. Cheap rates, $15 an hour. Here are some pictures from Blewt.