On the Subject of Endorsements…

dsc_0040.JPGAnd now, the transcript from our recent chat with Schadenfreude’s 3-year-old political pundit Emmett James. Mr. James comments on the recent candidate bow-outs and endorsements. Please note that Mr. James was quoted before Giuliani’s announcement to back McCain.
Schadenfreude: Any thoughts on John Edwards dropping out of the race?
Emmett: I don’t know him.
Schadenfreude: He was running for President and now he’s not. Do you think he should endorse anyone?
Emmett: Yes, Barack Obama.
Schadenfreude: What about Giuliani? Should he endorse anyone?
Emmett: Yes, John McCain.
Schadenfreude: Who is your favorite stuffed animal?
Emmett: Ducky.
Schadenfreude: Why?
Emmett: Because he’s my best friend.

Photo: Mr. James is shown above napping on his “Book of Presidents” along side Ducky, who he says, “helps him explore sewers”.