Is There A Such Thing as “Too Meta”?

[flv:BeKind.flv 476 356]

No doubt, Michael Gondry is the thinking man’s JJ Abrams. Or, really, JJ Abrams is the meathead’s Michael Gondry. When it comes to movies, environments and projects both these guys IMMERSE themselves into it. In the case of JJ, he’s hires tons of people to create fake websites, fake companies, fake…. everything. Some of it with absolutely no bearing on the film.

And then, Michael Gondry comes along. The premise behind his movie, Be Kind, Rewind, is that Jack Black is “magnetized” and erases all of their VHS inventory (Kate already called out this trailer earlier, I’m rehashing for people who may not “get it”, no offense mom), so Mos Def and Jack Black remake all the “classics” of the late 80s and early 90s using low-budget hi-jinks, and hilarity ensues.

What do you do to “elevate” the meta? Take the premise into the trailer. Yup, Michael Gondry stars in his own trailer in which the guy playing the trailer ruins the trailer, and has to remake the trailer, in a lower-budget fashion.

Does your head hurt yet? I think it’s really great on paper, but in reality… a little too much. Funny, good idea, but like Slusho – the audience is going to start getting pissed…..