Douche of the Day: The Airplane!-movie

arentbritneyspearsparodiesalreadynotfunny.jpgNot as in a movie you’d watch on an airplane, I don’t even know about those, I’ve flown Southwest for most my life, though, in order to get a flight out of Dayton at Christmas I flew Delta. If you are all flying an airline other than Southwest because you think it’s more luxurious, you’re not correct on that thought. Go Southwest, use the money you save to buy a portable dvd player and a second round of orange crackers.I mean Airplane!-movie as in the Airplane! Movie genre. You see Zucker, Abrahams, and Zucker, the creators of Airplane!, Top Secret!, Police Squad!, and many other movies were so clever no genre could hold them. Light-years beyond parody, the movies created their own genre and to this day I consider no movie as funny or well-executed as Airplane!

So WHO THE FUCK IS PUTTING OUT this Remember The Spartans/Date Movie/Epic Movie bullshit???! The occasional unbearable Loaded Weapon or Spy Hard was shitty enough, but whatever, I’m over how badly they missed the mark. But now the people who are the worst at it put out a movie every year? Did anyone see the poster for Remember the Sartans and say “It’s about time SOMEONE made fun of 300!” or “Finally! Britney Spears gets some well-deserved ribbing.”