Things I Learned While Getting My Hair Cut

johnny-gill.jpg Eddie Murphy divorced his wife and then married Babyface’s wife about 2 weeks ago. They’ve already split up and the article in PEOPLE mentioned that there was a lot of stress from both of their Moms. And then toward the end of the article it just casually mentions that another source of stress could be that JOHNNY GILL LIVES WITH THEM! What? So, of course, I google “Johnny Gill & Eddie Murphy” and find loads of gay rumor stories going back to 2004 and 2005 (which is also how long he’s lived with Eddie and his family). The gay thing, I don’t find that interesting — it’s the “hey honey, you don’t mind if one of the members of New Edition lives with us… for several years, right?” What’s up with that? And is this old news? Until next time, this concludes “Things I Learned While Getting My Hair Cut”.

What? What are you still reading for?

Oh, alright:

It looks like Johnny failed to rub Eddie’s new wife the right way. There. Are you happy?