People Who “Can’t Be Replaced”

senseo-businessman.jpgI’ve had a lot of jobs. Yeah, I’ve been “let go” (I really didn’t mean to hit that lady with golf cart. She was old, and I did yell, “Get out of the way”….). I’ve been subjected to a “Reduction in Force” (a really nice way to say, “this company’s going to the shitter, and the boss has to keep his margins high so he can keep paying for his Lexus”). Heck, one time, I received the “suggestion” that I just not come back (Um. Yeah. Not much to say there.).

One thing I’ve learned at EVERY job I’ve had is that no one is irreplaceable. Not the President, not the gal who answers phones, not even the douche who makes sure there’s coffee every morning. Even the IT Department. The ENTIRE department – is expendable. It makes me cringe, it makes me angry, it makes me want to weep for the individual who looks me in the eye and says,

This place would FALL DOWN if it weren’t for me.

Really? You think if you left, the company would just shutter up, close it’s doors and say,

Heck – we had a good run, but Bill left. Shit. Hey all, let’s get drinks once a month and talk about the good ole’ days when we used to have a company.

I’m not saying there aren’t valuable employees – but NO ONE is irreplaceable. Especially the Douche who says he is.