Election ’08 with Emmett James

emmett-brushing.jpgOver the past week or so, it has become increasingly clear that my 3 year old nephew Emmett has more insightful commentary regarding the upcoming election than most pundits on CNN. Schadenfreude recently caught up with Mr. James between his Tuesday morning pre-school and his afternoon nap (which he has recently been refusing, and so has negotiated to use it as “quiet time” in his room). He had the following to say about the current political landscape:
Schadenfreude: What do you think about Barack Obama?
Emmett: I like Obama. I like his voice. I like what he has to say.
Schadenfreude: Who do you think will win Florida?
Emmett: Hillary. And Jimmy Carter will win Illinois.
Schadenfreude: How do you feel about Ted Kennedy endorsing Obama?
Emmett: Good. It’s like a comic.
Schadenfreude: Do you know what a comic is?
Emmett: Yes, it’s like a movie.
Schadenfreude: So, are you saying Kennedy endorsing Obama is like a movie?
Emmett: Yes.

Check back as we get Emmett’s reaction to the Florida primary and the upcoming Super Tuesday!