The Snub

obama.jpgI will say that the douche of the day today is….the media?  Wow, what a surprise. I hate that Obama can’t be human. The Clintons have gone absolutely nasty in this campaign, y et it’s Obama who is childishfor snubbing Clinton last night at the State of the Union. If it were me, I would have walked right up to her, got really close and did the ole’ lean in as to invade your personal space and push a bit too hard, leading with my shoulder.  I hate the double standard.  All’s fair in love and war unless it’s a transparent, cheezy gesture in front of the nation like shaking hands.  If this were say high school?  For some of the things that Hillary has pulled this past 2 weeks,  she’d get her assed kicked by a burnout named Cassie, who had nothing to do with this campaign, just cared because she knew Hillary was wrong.