NY Daily News Loves GiulianiMarriedHisCousin.com

giuliani.jpgWe helped out a couple of local politicos in writing a site called www.giulianimarriedhiscousin.com. It’s to highlight the fact that Rudy Giuliani married his cousin. Yep, his first wife was his second cousin. No biggie, but we stand by the fact that if you married your cousin you shouldn’t be allowed to run for president. W always have, look at old blog posts when Mondale was running. The point is – the site got written up in the NYDailyNews! Anyway, here’s the short film we did for the site, called ecousinality.com. Which by the way, we registered. So when the politicos think of registering it, we already did and it’s the new place for our illegal horse porn. Deal with it.