Clinton Did Not Have Sex With that Woman

clinton.jpgIf you look on Reddit or Digg and check out all the political blogs, you would think that the Clintons have Obama locked in their basement, using water torture to get him to drop out of the race. I don’t know if it is just 21st century politics, but all that lying and media manipulation doesn’t really register with me. The media’s analysis might, but the actual act of shittery (my new word) doesn’t affect me. No bullshit spin from the Clinton family will change that. I think back and remember a kindler, gentler Bill Clinton. Now he is twisting words, intentionally misinterpreting statements and using his southern charm to give us a wink and a nod letting us know he wouldn’t have done it that way. This is all a new Bill. We’ve never seen it before. Never. Ever. I mean seriously, what do you expect from this family.