Douche of the Day: Me

figramboloose3a.jpgSo I’ve been busier than I can ever remember. I actually went three days without sleep, and became so obsessed with how bad that must be for me that I delayed going to sleep because I was certain I wouldn’t wake up. Then again, I’m sure people do it all the time in the military. So I’ve been working and I haven’t seen No Country For Old Men, which I really want to see, as a big Coen Brothers fan, I really want to see There Will Be Blood, as a big Paul Thomas Anderson fan, I really want to see Walk Hard, as I feel if anybody can lend credence to the genre, it’s not the Wayans Brothers, it’s Judd Apatow. But I haven’t seen any of these movies because I’ve been pretty busy. So I’ve got a tiny lull in comparison to the last few weeks/months and Paul calls me and asks if I’d like to go see Rambo tonight, and I said “yes.” That’s right, I have two hours free and I will not go see any of the classy, much better movies listed above that have been out for months, I’m going to go see Rambo, on opening day. I am such a douche.