Wrigley Grand-Standing

wrigley.jpgIsn’t it funny that the front page of both Trib/Sun-Times today is about a retail development in Wrigleyville? And how the residents are pissed? Developers want to build a 9 story building where the 7-11 and auto shop are on Addison, just north of Wrigley. Residents are up in arms about it. But I gotta say – if you really take an outsiders point of view – is is high time to develop that land. The Chicago sports t-shirt place, the auto-body shop and the 7-11 are relics from the 80’s and not necessarily landmarks. They are from the era of Chicago that brought us the Hines/Crystal “Running Scared” with Jimmy Smits as the bad guy? And then the cabs go up on the El tracks? Nothin? Back to the story – I know residents are pissed and maybe that’s important. But what pull! Front page? I’m sorry, but Bucktown has this issue. I know the West Loop is fighting big development. Pilsen, South Loop. I’m sure Edgewater is worried about some random project. Rogers Park probably had a community meeting last night and then played bongos naked at the Heartland. Bridgeport houligans probably pepper-sprayed a builder. And don’t get started with every suburb that is fighting a box-store eyesore. So really newspaper editors? This is a front page story since it’s next to a beloved meathead stadium surrounded by really rich white people?