Salt Trucks.

Salt Trucks - Schadenfreude.netI know the weather has turned – but this morning, after no snow – I come rolling in, and find myself behind a Salt Truck shooting that crap out at like 287mph.  Is it really necessary?  There’s no precipitation set for the next 24 hours.  The snow we DID have was minor – to say the best.

So these guys go around in their monster trucks, and just shoo this crap out – just in case.  JUST IN CASE we get a few inches of snow.  Just in case, it warms up, rains, and then freezes again real quick. Nevermind that the ground is hard as rock, and driving through salt pellets is akin to driving a hummer through enemy fire.  Nevermind the crack in Sheila’s windshield because of it.

Is it possible to drop heat pellets?  Something that will warm the weather?  I’d be down with that.  A truck that shoots out that shit that hunters get to put in their boots and gloves – where you break it, and it warms up, cooks an egg, then cools down over 4 hours.  I could use that stuff.  THAT would be helpful.  Come on Streets and Sans – help a brother out!