Back Off! Dana Jacobson Loves Jesus.

djacobson.jpgESPN has suspended reporter Dana Jacobson because of remarks she made at a roast for Mike and Mike. She reportedly was drunk and she went after Mike Golic cause he went to Notre Dame. Her line was “Fuck Notre Dame, Fuck Touchdown Jesus and Fuck Jesus!” ESPN suspended her for the comments because you can’t say that on the air. Not the fuck part, but the fuck JESUS part. I thought it was funny and after all, it’s a roast, right? Has anyone heard the Artie Lang roast from Howard? The Jesus line wouldn’t even have come close to what they were saying. I don’t even think the issue was that they were airing it (it was taped for radio). It was the JESUS thing. She’s Jewish so they automatically trumped it up to religious hate speech. This is why I can never be on TV. I would make one or two or three jokes and it would be over. Dana, please come work for Schadenfreude. I thought it was hilarious.