Official Memo from Alderman Ed Bus (D-53rd)

This was blast faxed to us this morning from Alderman Ed Bus:

ed_bus-thumb.jpgDank you for takin da time to read this media person. I wanted to say dat der is a pretty good chaance that I caused the sinkhole yesterday on Montrose. Not proud of it. But I was fillin a pothole over by der last week and I decided to use a generic brand of quick-crete. It was a cost savin’ measure so I wouldn’t have to lean on you durin’ tax time. So I’m assumin’ the shitty quick-crete broke down and because of dat the whole road collapsed. I ain’t takin’ responsibility for it, but I definitely got my hard hat on and I’m gonna personally put dat road back together. If anything, I blame it on Menards for selling shitty quick-crete. Der, nuff said. Now get back to work and report on how Daley is great and how Blagodevich is an ungrateful little rat. You know what we had ta do ta get him down der? To quote my son Joey, “Rod is an assmuncher”.