Ma! Come Quick, the Economy is in the Shitter!!!!

gwbush.jpgCould you be more stereotypical on-the-line republicans/democrats when it comes to the economy? So Bush is introducing a stimulus package to try and avoid this country going into a recession (Harvard word for dumper). So what doe he propose? Swift action! 150 billion dollar deal. 100 bil for individuals, 50 bil for businesses to invest. The democrats say the same amount, but they want to invest the money into food stamps, working-middle class and infrastructure projects. A republican said “we aren’t trying to decorate a Xmas tree here” referring to the democrats plan to help people. Ted Kennedy said “The people who are struggling every day to pay their bills, heat their homes, and pay their mortgages need our help now.” I say, something tells me the next news story will be how the democrats are preventing this country from getting better. Then the next will be Bush being steadfast and full of absolute resolve, which is good leadership cuz he wants to help. Then it’ll just happen Bush’s way and some weird ass oil consultant business will get 50 million to invest in overseas opportunities. Which opportunities would that be? Um, how bout we try the other way and see how it goes, just for kicks?