I Did NOT See Cloverfield.

gd49.gifI’m getting old and cranky. I’ll admit it. There was once a time in my life where I would line up for any movie, any time, any opening. The excitement of being “one of the first” to see the movie, added to the general air of good will by those surrounding me with the same feeling was one that was ALMOST as good as the movie itself. This usually happens with Sci-Fi movies, not so much with dramas/romantic comedies.

My how times have changed. My buddy Dave got tickets for Friday night’s showing of Cloverfield at the AMC 21, we figured we’d go, get something to eat, and then go to the movie. We show up at roughly 6.20 – over an HOUR before the movie starts, and there’s already a line around the lobby, down the stairs, and into the freezing cold.

All together now, “HOLY F*&K!” Seriously. You know what the kicker was? Half the line was for the 7.20 showing of 27 Dresses – the new romantic comedy with Cyclops. So now, romantic comedies are line-worthy.

Dave and I lasted about 17 minutes before he went to the box office, told them he had some sort of “emergency” – so he got a refund, and we proceeded to the Lucky Strike where we ate and drank for the length of Cloverfield, and beyond.

So yeah, I’d rather eat and drink then wait in line with 14 year olds psyched their parents dropped them off at the big movie theater downtown. Call me old. Call me crazy. Call me fed and watered.