Douche of the day: As much as it pains me….

9_843-apple-macintosh.jpgSigh. Mac users, of which I am one. A rabid one. Mac is just amazing, they just hit the target every time, everything they sell is ten things you wanted it to do but couldn”t articulate and five things you hadn”t thought of. I just stare at PC users install and uninstall and reinstall and sit on customer service and overcome compatibility problems and I ask them “was the $500 savings worth it?” To graphically show someone the difference in mentality between Mac and PC I always point to the power cords. On a Mac, the wall plug flips in flush with the power brick, and two flanges open up allowing you to wrap the cord into this tight little bundle, PC”s didn”t even think that the eight feet of power brick and cables might be made more convenient, and then there”s my wonderful iPod video Nano…shit, douches, that”s right…sorry, see this is tough to write, but Mac is seriously douching it up these days.Okay so Mac decides to put out the iPhone, and it turns out to be such a gamble that they have to keep releasing shit to keep their stock up. Thus comes OSX Leopard, if you have an iPhone, you have to have Leopard, the iPhone doesn”t work on Panther, maybe it works on Tiger, doesn”t matter to me. So if you want an iPhone (which is very nice) it now costs an extra $150, but wait! You can”t install Leopard so you can use your iPhone on a computer without a Pentium, now your iPhone costs $1600 $150 the phone itself (now $100 less!). I have all these friends who tried to install Leopard on a non-pentium Mac and all of them stopped working. Um, coincidence? According to the guy at the Mac store, yes. According to the people on the boards, yes. Who are these Mac Zombies that suggest it”s the motherboard on both computers, or some other thing that went out on both. That”s so douchey to throw on the blinders that something might be wrong with the esteemed Mac”s version of Vista. Very Microsofty.В