This is What We Get?

beuchler.jpgSo the Bulls were outscored 32-10 last night in the 3rd quarter. I know basketball isn’t that funny, but this is worth mentioning that the Bulls are a laughing stock. What a disgrace. This new kid Noah got suspended by his own teammates and then got in a confrontation last night with Ben Wallace in the locker room. Here’s what I’d do if I were GM of the Bulls. I’d go back to the past! I would get Randy Brown out of his asst. managers job at Chili’s to coach the team and I would bring Jud Beuchler from amateur beach volleyball and see if they could get Rodman out of jail. Then I would ask if anyone had seen Craig Hodges. If he’s hanging around, give him a 10 day contract. Then I would go woo Bobby Hansen away from teaching middle school and then I would call Trent Tucker and ask him if he could give up driving trucks for a bit. Then I would see if Dickey Simpkins was able to get out of his payday loan business and give a lifetime contract to Robert Parrish, who I believe owns an indian reservation. Then we would at least have fun with a 14-22 team. A-holes.