I Dumped HBO

I Dumped HBO - SchadenfreudeSo, after almost 10 years of having HBO and Skin-a-max and the 49 Starz! channels, I finally called up Ole’ Friendly (that’s what I call Comcast, because everything is done with a smile by them) and canceled the service.My instructions were simple, I want to lose HBO, Cinemax, Starz!, Starz!Kidz, Starz!Women, Starz!Action, Starz!Romance, Starz!MenstrualRag, Starz!Black, Starz!White, Starz!Off-White, Starz!Blockbuster, Starz!SoftCore, Starz!HardCore, Starz!Anal, Starz!ThisShit’dMakeAdam’sHeadSpin, Starz!1920s Black&White, Starz!Rodney Dangerfield, Starz!Starz, Starz!Cinema, Starz!Animation, Starz!Sci-fi, Starz!Audrey Hepburn, Japan!Starz!, and Starz!!, but I wanted to keep channels like BBC America (gotta love Torchwood) as well as Discovery Channel (can anyone say Smash Lab?!).

34 minutes later, we had whittled down an astronomical monthly bill down to a reasonable amount that included my monthly internet. I don’t think I’m really gonna miss much. Most of the movies I never made an “event” to sit down and watch. And even shows, like Extras or Curb – I’ll catch on DVD (like Justin does – go Justin!). All in all, cutting all those channels – saved me about $70/month.

And to think, I was just shitting that money away for crappy shows like Make Me a Porn Star and the last season of The Sopranos. Damn – why didn’t someone say something sooner?!