Did You Think Taking That Job Would Make You Douche of Day?

cta-bus-facing-left-701871.jpgMan, what is more annoying than the CTA buses BLARING their “please help us by calling your congressman” routine on the route every 2 minutes. To the guy who tells us the stops: it was bad enough you took away a good inarticulate train driver’s ability to mumble into the el mic, but now this? I wonder if this voiceover actor was ever like “hey, I’ve read this already, why do I have to read it again? Ok! Ok! Please don’t threaten me and my family….um….CTA is in a crriiisssiss right now…” Whatever. The CTA sucks, Blago sucks, Madigan sucks, Huberman sucks, Daley sucks, Emil Jones sucks, Pat Quinn sucks, Dave Navarro sucks, Brant Miller sucks, Jerry Angelo sucks, Joaquim Noah sucks, conservative christians suck. There.