On the Topic of Ellen Page.

Ellen Page vs. Pretty in PinkYeah, I’m just going through the girls today. Sheila and I saw Juno on Saturday – and I’m going to give two enthusiastic condoms up. Very enjoyable movie – however, I do have one complaint. Kids these days in movies are just TOO damn witty. Seriously. In a contest between Ellen Page and Molly Ringwald (circa. Pretty in Pink) Ellen would set fire to her hair, stuff her in the exhaust of a minivan, and shoot her into a high school parking lot with little ceremony. It would be sad. However – the witty dialogue does lead to some awesome exchanges between Ellen and various adult.

And I am a big fan of Rainn Wilson’s career right now. Who woulda’ thunk that such an odd looking man would be so successful as, well, the odd looking man in a movie. He gives hope to those of us that aren’t pretty.

So yeah. Kids, don’t have sex without a condom, even if there’s nothing to watch on TV. And fetuses have fingernails. And J.K. Simmons is an awesome dad. And Jennifer Garner is too skinny – she looks like a skeleton that has a little bit of skin stretched over it.