Conan! Dial Down the Funny!


So, I tune into Conan last week to watch one of my favorite shows triumphantly return to late night and it was pretty great! Same loveable Conan, same funny, silly bits — so what does this mean for his writers?? While watching the show, I bet most Americans (who don’t have the slightest clue what comedy writers do in the first place) said to themselves, “He doesn’t need writers! This is just as funny as it’s always been!” Sure, there’s no ‘Masterbating Bear’, but we’re all still laughing. So, I’m not sure Conan is totally helping his writers’ cause by going back on the air. Sure, it will make it easier for him to pay their salaries as they strike (total “good guy” bonus points for that, by the way), but I’m not sure he’s proving to the world how incredibly vital they are to his show. Now, his show is a special circumstance — for instance, the cast of CSI Miami can’t just start up their show again and make stuff up on the spot (which would be a very entertaining experiment, by the way) — but it’s just something interesting to ponder.