Miles Sings Back-up for Jersey Boys


So I finally went over to the Gallery Cabaret, home to the Schadenfreude Rent Party, to watch a Bears game yesterday. I’m telling you, there is no better way to watch a game in a bar. Not only was the beer super cheap (5 bucks for a pitcher!!!!), but Mike and the gang actually made a ton of food. They go over to Peoria meats on Lake street and put together some of the best burgers in Chi. Seriously. Free food, cheap beer and it wasn’t even packed. I say this because I drove through Bucktown to get to the bar and saw lines of people trying to get into Northside and other douche bars. And the beers were 5 bucks and the burgers were 12. Never mind, I’ll take douche free burgers and 5 dollar pitchers. It’s one of the last remaining family owned joints in Chicago. It’s either that or Bar Douchey. I’ll see you at the Gall Cab next Sunday.

Cherrry baby…cherry bbayabbbbyyeeee!