Schadenfreude. Schadenfreude.
Mole Outed by Mole Leads to Walk of Shame

I don’t watch NBC news, so I don’t know what they had to say about this – but the way the inner’tubes are lighting up about this, it’s a pretty awesome story.

There’s a convention of hackers held in Las Vegas called DefCon (which, in and of itself is ironic. I thought the idea of hackers was to stay secretive, and not let your identity be known – but hey, I guess I’m just stuck in Angelina Jolie Hackers – sue me). The conference hands out press badges, but NBC thought they would be sneaky, and try to get a mole in there to get the “real dirt” about what the hackers were doing during the conference.

To make a long story short, DefCon had a mole at NBC that tipped them off to her – and here is the video of them calling her out, and asking her to leave. Be wary – the video is shot by idiots, so there is a lot of nausea inducing fast-running-while-zoomed-all-the-way-in. Also, the videographer drank 4 Red Bulls before beginning taping.

Oh, and NBC – here’s a tip:

Don’t send a hot chick to act like a hacker – they are only hot in the movies, and every hacker knows this.

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