This Week at the Phudie Mart!

You may notice something different this week. It’s the Phudie Mart special! Actually, we finished our screenplay “Phudie Mart” last week and we’ve decided to take this week to share with you some of the stories behind our story. We talked about our short film yesterday and today we are talking about the Phudie Mart history on stage. Don’t worry, we’ll be back to making fun of local politics and making Star Wars jokes before you know it. Today: Phudie on Stage! Many who read this blog may not know that we (schadenfreude) made our name performring on stages around Chicago. We are actually entering our 10th year next year performing in Chicago. And a huge bulk of that time we spent on writing sketches surrounding our fictional world of characters that work at the fictional independent local grocery store, the Phudie Mart. Today, we bring you some memories, pictures and some video of our Phudie life on stage.