Short-Haired Chick Friday

Watch the first thirty seconds of this trailer. Tell my what you see? She’s hot right? Right.

Watch the first thirty seconds of this trailer. Tell my what you see? She’s hot right? Right.


This is how I usually get my short-haired chicks, they catch my eye all the time. I think they catch most people’s eye all the time. I’m listening to Howard Stern and was going to put Amy Bingaman up gain because I think she proves the rule, here’s howard and doug stanhope who can get any buxom blonde they want but they love a chick with a shaved head and small boobs. Howard may be engaged to Beth O but he drools all over Amy. I’ll put her up next week. I have to cover Dead Silence this week because I doubt it’ll be in theatres next week. Now that I watched the trailer again I guess Laura Regan dies in the first few minutes. Oh well, she’s got short hair and she’s cute, and that’s all I know. I don’t even want to talk about her and her career.


I guess she played Jessica Lynch in the tv movie about that woman that won the war in Iraq. Wait, what did she do? Oh that’s right she got rescued, wait, didn’t we make a big deal out of that? I guess anything that resembled a Hollywood version of war was emphasized there for a while, codpieces on flight decks, shock and awe, lots of cowboy talk, all, obviously, not the real way to fight a war. But that’s not my point. My point is…


Puppets creep me out. How awesomely 80’s spooky does this Dead Slience look? I applaud the makers of this, who also made Saw) because this is such an obvious idea. Puppets are creepy, GO WRITE THE SCRIPT. How great is it that horror has made such a comeback? This movie looks so classic, like a Motel Hell or Chopping Mall.


I think I’ve said this before in reference to Study Hell at the AFM years ago when I moved here but all you need to get a film made is a double entendre. Study Hell/DEAD Silence. It’s more than a phrase, it’s a concept. Half of the time I come up with an idea it’s because of a double reading of a phrase. They write themselves. That’s instant money…well, you have to write it (which is hard) and you have to market it (which is hard) and produce it (which is hard), but the part people think is hard…not hard.



Meanwhile, look how young the director James Wan is. Directed Saw when he was 27 and he made a feature prior to that. But he was born in Malaysia, I’ll take Dayton. Time to get my career as a director underway methinks, well first I gotta move to L.A….oh shit, there goes that excuse. I hate when I take away my excuses, it makes me accountable and shit.

And Laura (Hollow Man 2) Regan, she’s pretty cute. She’d be cuter if she was a director.