I went down to Hollywood & Highland to buy a bong…


Something’s going on on Hollywood & Highland? Must be some festival or something. All I know is it’s very near where you can buy a bong or a vampire costume. Keep that in mind as you watch the Oscars, two blocks from where Brad Pitt will be getting out of his limo you can buy a bong or a vampire costume. There’s also a guy with a dog dressed like a cowboy pretending to fish, but that pic’s after the jump.


I don’t know who these stars are but they’re doing some bit about cleaning up after the Oscars, nor do I know why the “I” in this sentence is way up there, but is that John Pinnette and Brandy? Below you’ll see a giant red curtain over what is normal a HUGE Gap sign, they wrap everything on the streets for this event.



Told you there was a guy with a dog dressed as a cowboy pretending to fish two blocks from George Clooney’s limo.