Happy Ghost Rider Day!


If you’re like me, then you love your live-action Superheroes and you’re psyched about Ghost Rider, if you’re like everybody else, you think it looks gay or wonder, as a friend wondered aloud assuming he had a sympathetic ear, “does Nicholas Cage even read these scripts?” But if you’re like me you think it’s awesome that and obscure comic like Ghost Rider ever made it to the big screen. However, if you’re like me, you thinkg the trailer looks just stupid enough to be cause for concern, “Nicholas Cage said he feels like his head’s on fire, that’s hilarious, because at night, it DOES catch on fire because he struck a deal with Satan!” but if you’re like me, you’re seeing it anyway, because if you’re like me you saw The Phantom in theatres.

Well, we’re a lot alike, therefore I think you’ll enjoy Ghost Rider Day, in which I bring you the best Superhero clips possible. Starting off, after the jump, MAN THING!!!!!


Welcome back.

If you were a frequent reader to Otisburg you remember me not shutting up about the Children’s record Night of The Laughing Dead which begins with a clown blowing his head off. Well somebody has taken the comic, with the “children’s” record as the soundtrack and put together a video. Happy Ghost Rider Day.